An old world of watercolors

Having just gotten a new scanner I decided to have a look at my old watercolor paintings. Without much of a struggle I found 4 really old ones that I liked.

This one is my very first. Painted in 1980, at the age of 9:

Solnedgang - Es Fuego - Mallorca (1980)
Solnedgang - Es Fuego - Mallorca (1980)

In 1984 I went through a stage of being fascinated by ships and the sea, and I painted these 3 (and more):

Skib i uvejr (1984)
Skib i uvejr (1984)
Sejlskib (1984)
Sejlskib (1984)
Forankret Skib (1984)
Forankret Skib (1984)

Having looked at these old paintings, I find them rather good. Interesting use of colors and I actually like the stroke. They are by no means perfect, but I am actually considering going down to the craft store and picking up some watercolors again.

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3 thoughts on “An old world of watercolors”

  1. Hi Trudslev, hellow from India !

    I reached your page looking for the DCRAW UI (not necessary, but just out of curiosity), but got motivated with all these, especially the water color. Loved the transparency !
    Felt more connected / emotionally expressive with the 1980 version, and the Forankret Skib 1984 !
    Thanks for showcasing !


    1. Thank you for the kind words 🙂

      With regards to the DCRAW UI I haven’t worked on it for many years, I use Lightroom these days, which is much easier when it comes to RAW workflow 🙂

      I can dig out the source code if you are interested, but it will most definitively require some work before it will work, and I am sure many options has been added since then.

      1. Thankyou Trudslev !
        I donno how to start a reply after 2 years 😛

        The RAW-conversion need was met back then.

        I am back to painting. Ships. Hope to show you, some day 🙂

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