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Good stuff..

It is certainly nice when you feel like the work you do is appreciated. With our latests update of the momondo Flight Search app we have gotten featured by Apple on the App Store. Pretty darn cool. Your curiosity is … Continue reading

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I have started a food blog where I will be sharing my adventures into the culinary. Have a look if you are interested:  Foodgeek Blog

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Baby, baby, baby, oh yeah, baby.. ;)

Tenacious D is coming to Denmark on monday and I am going, so here is my ‘tribute’

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River in my Dreams (Remastered)

It’s been quiet on the blog for years, so I thought I would make it less quiet by posting a little song I recorded a while back. Enjoy.

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This is a personal blog about things that I like to call my interests; namely Music Production and Computer Programming. If you are looking for my app called Tanis Health Calc go to this page.

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Method overloading in javascript/prototype

Outlined in this post by John Resig (Mozilla nut and general JavaScript guru) is an idea on how to implement method overloading in JavaScript. The idea in general is good, but honestly, using only parameter count as the way to … Continue reading

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Vintage photograph tutorial

So, I felt like doing a little bit of Photoshopping, so having been playing around with Hipstamatic on my iPhone latety, I thought I would give it a try, and do my own take on a “vintage” photograph. I ran … Continue reading

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Getting aquinted with Lightroom 3.0

Over time, I seem to be taking more and more pictures when I have a photo session. It is great to have a lot of different images to choose from, even if they might be close in look. You might … Continue reading

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An old world of watercolors

Having just gotten a new scanner I decided to have a look at my old watercolor paintings. Without much of a struggle I found 4 really old ones that I liked. This one is my very first. Painted in 1980, … Continue reading

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